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When you come to MonteCastello, we want you to experience a natural sense of everyday life in a historic Umbrian Hill Town. With this in mind, our program participants are treated as guests rather than tourists. As your hosts, we want to provide you with character-filled living spaces that allow immersion into the community and make you feel at home. Our accommodations are rustic, relaxing, comfortable spaces with a great deal of range––from shared apartments in historic stone houses, small private rooms in a renovated twelfth-century convent, rooms in a palazzo with a garden and lovely balcony, to accommodations in a luxurious villa on the outskirts of town. Many rooms have additional features such as refrigerators and all provide shared areas for informal gatherings––terraces, sitting rooms, or kitchens with fireplaces where you can find tranquility and retreat to write letters, work in your sketchbook, discuss your work with friends or simply enjoy peaceful solitude and the spectacular views.


Our rooms are not hotels, which in Italy can often seem cramped and impersonal. In our program, group meals and cozy but spacious double occupancy rooms with shared baths in real Umbrian houses are automatically built into your package. If you prefer additional features, however, we can arrange this for a supplemental charge, subject to availability. On our Application Form, we’ll ask your housing preferences. If you require additional privacy, we’ll be able to offer you single accommodations in one of our shared facilities or can arrange for a private apartment if you prefer.  Keep in mind, however, that rooms in our convent are single units, and that these are already included in the regular price. Due to their location in the main building, these simple rooms were originally designed for nuns leading a contemplative life, and as such, offer a unique perspective on village life that many find to be very conducive to artistic production. Further, many of these rooms offer fantastic views, and all offer conveniences due to their close proximity to our dining room/terrace, laundry facilities, library and commons room.


If you are traveling with a spouse, partner or family or a group of friends, we will make every effort to accommodate your specific housing needs as well. We can accommodate children (see the families/kids section of our custom itineraries page). in two-bedroom apartments with full kitchens.


Our apartments provide ample space for living and working, should you be traveling with a partner who is not enrolled in the Studio School.  Alternately, for those who prefer to stay in the countryside, we can offer luxurious villa accommodations with amenities such as pools, vineyards, forested hiking areas and gardens.

Email us at ICArts.info@gmail.com for further information.


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