Costs, Payment Policies and Registration


Please be patient while we update our registration process.  CONTACT US for registration questions.


Our cost structure is straightforward and includes all aspects of your stay from lodging, meals, classes and facilities to transportation, with a few exceptions such as requests for private single rooms or apartments as described on our website. Refer back to the what’s included sections of your specific program for more details. After you complete our registration process, you will receive a confirmation of payment and statement of features. Our costs, outlined below, are all quoted in Euro, expressed as €. All participants including those in The International Studio School, Study Abroad, Residency, Atelier Programs and Arts and Culture Tours must complete an informational short form in order to access our registration page. The information form is located here just below the costs quotations for you convenience. Please review prices and features below before beginning the registration process to enroll in our program. If after reviewing our costs you still have questions or special requests, please email us at



International Studio School


3-Week    €3450

All Studio School sessions are for three-weeks sessions, unless you have made special arrangements with us. We design our experience with a three week stay in mind to give our students time to settle in and savor the experience of being here and still have ample time to work in classes and studios. See our Class   page for more information on current offerings.




3-Week     €3450

For longer or shorter stays contact us at


We highly recommend stays of three weeks or more for our artist residency/artist retreat program. This gives our residents time to delve deeply into their work with the luxury of knowing there is ample time for it. If you are applying for any outside funding please let us know so we can provide for a proper review of your work. Contact us for more information.


Study Abroad


Rates Determined Institutionally

Your institution sets Study Abroad rates, itineraries, and conditions. Institutions interested in developing programs through the International Center for the Arts at Monte Castello should make inquiries regarding pricing and itineraries at


Lifelong Learning Programs/Atelier Programs


Group Leaders Contact us for rates at

Atelier Programs feature custom itineraries, classes, specific durations and other features that are determined by the individual(s) leading that grou    Contact your group leader for prices and itinerary. We can accommodate one group leader/instructor program fees at no cost provided there are 9 or more students. For groups of 18 or more, we can accommodate 2 group leaders/instructors. We are currently accepting proposals. We will consider all requests in a timely manner. Group leaders with current group session plans at ICA should contact us to make prompt payment and registration according to specific instructions. All Atelier Payment Procedures follow Studio School payment schedules and registration processes.

Lifelong Learning Program/Art and Culture Tours


See the Arts and Culture Tours Programs page for a description of the specific itineraries offered this year. Prices of each tour are listed below. Costs for one individual group leader are provided free of charge provided there are nine participants in your group not including the group leader. Return here for registration and payment process.

Umbria off the Beaten Path

10 Day     3300€

A Week in Monte Castello

1 Wee     1500€


Conferences and Symposia

If you are interested in hosting a Conference or Symposia using our location and facilities please contact us at for pricing, itinerary, travel details, scheduling, and other related issues.




Our registration process is an easy to use online system. To begin your registration, please provide the information belo   After you submit this information, you will be redirected to our registration instructions page. There, you will be given instructions for filling out a series of online PDF forms. When you hit the SUBMIT button, the form will automatically open as a message within your own email account. You must now send the email. Simply hit send and the attached PDF will be delivered to us. Each of the three stages in our registration process also has an associated payment as follows: :

Step One      Non-refundable 350€ Deposit (required of all participants)

Step Two       Accommodations Payment  (varies by program and duration)

Step Three    Final Payment (varies by program and duration)







We require all participants to purchase travel insurance that provides emergency evacuation coverage. For more information, please refer to the Participant’s Handbook. It is also necessary that each participant have a current passport.


Click here for the ICA_Participant_Guide_Mar2015.pdf an Adobe Acrobat document approx. 1MB in size. All registered participants will be required to download the Guide. It also contains useful information for your stay, such as shopping essentials, trip guides and maps, transportation and more. It is recommended you review this before proceeding.


To access our Registration and Payments page, please provide us with the following information*. After filling out this form, you will be automatically re-directed to our Registration Page. Thank you for your interest and let us know if you have any questions. Welcome!



This form is closed for responses. Please contact the author for assistance.





David Voros.

(803) 479-4639 and (803) 479-4637



Refund/Cancellation Policies


Cancellation  before May 15 - Full refund less deposit

Cancellation after May 15 - Fees are non-refundable


Note    These dates to do apply to Arts and Culture Tours whose excursions begin after June 15 or Winterim (December/January sessions), Fall or Spring Sessio    that begin prior to May 15. Deposits and fees for these programs are due one month prior to departure. Our refund policy is the same as for other sessions.


Session Cancellation by the ICA


Each session at ICA requires a minimum number of nine (9) participants in attendance, including the Residency Program. If the minimum number of participants is not reached   we reserve the the right to cancel those program    If necessary, cancellations will be done at the close of registration or 30 days before the start of the session/course/tour/even   Registered participants will be informed immediately when a condition arises that results in a cancellation.


If a participant wishes to rebook for an alternative date, we will do so free of charge, provided this option exists. Otherwise, the pa    price will be refunded immediately. No obligation to reschedule to an alternative progr   date, or any other additional claims, exists. In case insufficient, accidental under or over enrollment occurs closer to the start of your session, we will offer you (a) to join an alternative session/course/tour/event, or (b) to defer your registration till a later date, or (c) to annul your registration and fully reimburse you. This will be done no later than 5 days before the start of the session/course event. If the ICA needs to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, such as sudden illness of the instructor, you will be informed of this no later than 5 days before the start of the session/course/tour/event, or as soon as is possible.


Cancellation by the Participant


Cancellation by the participant is possible only before registration closes. Candidates should contact the ICA in writing, stating full personal and course details. In this case, fees already paid will be reimbursed.


Cancellation after registration has closed will not lead to a refund, except in the case of pressing personal circumstances, such as hospital admission and similar unforeseeable circumstances. In such situations a request for a refund can be made in writing, stating relevant personal and course details. We reserve the right to review all such conciliation requests.


Up to ten days before a session/course/tour/event starts a participant may request a transfer to another session/tour/course/event, provided the original session/tour/course/event still has the minimum number of participants. There are no refunds after the start of a session, regardless of attendance or circumstances.


Not    In cases of Force Majeure (such as a: strike, riot, acts of God, unforeseen illness or death, or death of a family member) we highly recommend that your travel insurance policy include coverage for any trip cancellation that may occur prior to or after departure. Policy coverage varies. Often, it is advantageous to purchase your coverage prior to reservation payments with us and your flight provider. Check your specific policy carefully for more information. See the travel insurance section of the Participant Guide for more information.







Lifelong Learning


Conference- Symposia


Atelier Workshops


Study Abroad