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Summer20176 Classes and Events

Programs at a Glance


Study Abroad Sessions


May31- June  21 2017


University of SouthCarolinas

Registers for one or two 3 credit hours multi-level classes


Arts-500s Visual Meaning May 31-June 11

Arts1514  Special-Projects in Painting 8June-11-21


July 9-July 23 –2017


School of the Art Institute ofChicago,

Dan Gustinand:Frank Piatek:

 “Painting and Studio Practice in Umbria



June 19-3 July 9  2017


Maryland College Institute of Art

Ellen Burchenell, Barry Nemett, Howie Weiss:

Umbria: Painting and Drawing in an Italian HillTown"n


 Residency and Workshop Programss

For,on-going updates  contact usatmicarts.info@gmail.comm


June11  June21 2017


A Reading Retreat on Restoration and Rewilding in Umbria






















Lifelong Learning


Conference- Symposia


Atelier Workshops


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