Rigorous group critiques are an integral part of our activities within the Studio Program. We believe that critiques can be an important tool in the development of one’s work, and find that they offer an important forum for discussion within our community. Critiques provide a way for developing artists to get to know each other, to define their personal aesthetic and to recognize diverse perspectives.

They also allow us to come together for a common purpose––residents, students, faculty, visiting artists and artists in residence all participate in our critiques.Within this community, we seek to create dynamic, ongoing dialogue. Our group critiques offer participants constructive input into their work and are always conducted in a constructive, collegial manner. They are geared to build on individual strengths, while respectfully suggesting directions for individual growth. Within this, we recognize and respect the fact that our students come here with varying levels of expertise and experiences.


Perhaps in describing the nature of our critiques, the term dialectic may be more appropriate. The word has its origins in Greek and Latin, and is derived from the words for ‘to converse with’.  The essential idea is that, through expressing differing points of view in a reasonable way, individuals can arrive at a greater truth.  This idea is central to the way we conduct critiques in the Studio program. Our goal is to create an environment that provides opportunities for artistic growth in an intellectually engaging and perceptually sensitive environment.


We are very proud of the fact that our students often write to us months or years later to tell us that the insights they gained through our critiques resonated long after after the summer had ended.



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