Getting to Monte Castello


The town is known as Monte Castello di Vibio, and it is located in Umbria. The local postal code is 06057. It is also listed as Monte Castello di Vibio or Monte Castello V in some situations and you should be aware that there is another Montecastello in Tuscany!


When traveling in Italy, always carry your passport, even on group trips. The job of the Carabinieri (police) is to check things out. It's easier to explain who you are if you have your documents


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Airport Pick-up Policy


Participants in programs at the International Center for the Arts are required to meet for the our bus (marked Provenzani) at the Fiumicino airport no later than noon on the arrival date for your session. if you are not at the location below by noon, we must leave the airport without you and travel to Montecastello is your responsibility.


Arriving with your Group


At the LEONARDO DA VINCI FIUMICINO (Rome) – FCO Airport: You will pass through Passport Control and then collect your baggage.  When you exit the Baggage Claims area, you will pass through Customs Area.  It is unlikely that you will be stopped here, so proceed through the glass doors and turn left – you are in Terminal 3 (T3).


Straight ahead, on the GROUND floor of Terminal 3 (T3), you will see a café with large, bright orange signs which say "Market--Bar Chef Express--Pizza & Vini" and yellow chairs. Next to it are 2 glass elevators, which go to the upper levels of Terminal 3 where there are shops, bookstores and other eating-places.  The café accepts all currencies, although you will also find ATM machines throughout this area that will withdraw money from your bank account at home – it will dispense funds in euro.

The café serves good food at relatively reasonable prices if you’d like to have a bite to eat.  You can also just have a cappuccino or a drink, but you must purchase something to sit at the tables.  Please display the Participant handbook on your table, or on your bags so that we will recognize you. Soon you will see a David Voros or a representative of the International Center for the Arts arrive at your table who will then walk you to our bus in the parking lot.


On Your Own


If You Miss The Group Transport, don’t panic.  Travel to Monte Castello is relatively easy and is not scary.  Remember, we have been looking for you at the airport and have been trying to reach you already.  We also have the flight information you provided us.


First, immediately call David Voros at: 336 490 4264


If you are calling from an Italian phone use the number as is. If calling from an American phone such as a cell phone call 011 39 before each number. We will discuss the best way for you to get to Monte Castello with you.  If you prefer, we can send a driver to pick you up.  The cost for this service is 200 Euro and we can have a driver at the airport in 2 hours.


Alternately, there are several public transport options available to you listed below.


Arriving in Monte Castello by Bus


Travel by bus is the easiest way to get to Monte Castello from the airport, or from the city of Rome. There is an express bus operated by the SULGA company to a stop called: Todi Pian di Porto, this is only a 15 minutes drive to Montecastello and we can have our driver pick you up there for a fee of 10 Euro.


From Terminal 3 at the Fuimicino Airport: Face the glass doors at the front of the airport and go to the RIGHT.  Walk all the way through the airport to the end.  As you exit the airport, continue to walk in the same direction.  Ahead of you, you will see the area where busses park.  At the appropriate time given in the table below, look for the SULGA bus, or ask a driver where it parks.  When you reach the bus, tell the driver you want to go to Todi, Pian di Port, or show him the name in this book. The driver will help you to put your luggage under the bus. The bus costs about € 18, and an extra € 7 per bag if you have more than two.  On the way, the bus stops at Stazione Tiburtina in the center of Rome. While you wait, you can have a coffee, a drink or a sandwich at the bar.  Be sure to remind the driver you are re-boarding the bus to Todi, Pian di Porto.


At Pian di Porto, you’ll get off the bus and will see a gas station on one side of the street that the bus is facing.  The owners of the station are very nice and are accustomed to visitor to Monte Castello coming here.  From this point, call one of the numbers at the school and we will arrange for someone to pick you up.  While you wait, have a coffee or a glass of wine (either will be excellent and are about a dollar) and we’ll be there shortly.


SULGA Bus (check website for latest schedule) Download the complete schedule (PDF) In general to bus leaves the airport at 12:30 PM and 5:00 PM Monday-Saturday or

12:30 PM and 4:30 PM on Sundays and Holidays* (holidays can be confusing - these are italian holidays!) and takes about 3 hours. As suggested above , best to download the latest schedule.


Arriving in Monte Castello by Train


If your arrival doesn’t match the bus schedule, or if you miss the bus, don’t panic: you can get a train to Fratta Todina-Monte Castello from Termini Station in Rome. The trip will take longer -  anywhere from three to four hours, but if you think of it as an opportunity to see the countryside, its not a bad trip.


The first issue is that you need to get to the Termini Station in Rome from the Airport.  Its easy to do, the main issue is that you haven’t done it before and you are tired – and you have a bunch of bags with you.  Take a deep breath and try to keep it simple.  There are two easy ways to get to Termini:

1. There is a train station at Aeroporto Fiumicino, and you can take your airport luggage cart up the elevator to the second floor of the airport and go to the train station.  The Leonardo Express is a direct train to Termini Station  and leaves every 30 minutes.  The cost is  € 14.

2. Alternately, you take the Terravision bus to Termini Station, €4 one-way, with departures every 30 minutes. Get your boarding pass at Terravision Desk inside Terminal.


When you reach Termini:


Warning: Pay attention to your belongings! Termini station, unfortunately, is a notorious spot for pickpockets and derelicts.  The best thing is to remember is not to talk to beggars or strangers and to keep your personal space to a comfortable level.  Here you are very unlikely to find the kind of violent crime that one finds in big cities in the U.S., so don’t worry - simply be aware and be alert.  If you do feel harassed or are uncomfortable with someone, you can shout -Aiuto! (Ah-YOO-toh), which means HELP! You will find that Romans don't like thieves or scammers any more than any one else and work hard to keep their city free of them.  Most likely, you will be surprised how many civilians and police may run to help you and the individual bothering you will most likely run away.


You can buy a ticket for the next phase of your journey at the ticket office at Termini, or at one of the kiosks in the main area.  Don’t worry, they are easy to use.  You will want to get a one-way ticket to Fratta Todina-Monte Castello. Check the times and get the first available train.  Since there is no phone at Montecastello station you should call us before you leave Termini with your expected arrival time.


En route to Monte Castello, you will change at Terni for a local (smaller, slower) train to Montecastello.  Ask at the ticket window what time the train leaves. Walk through the underpass and up the stairs to Platform 5. If there's a wait for the train, you can go into the cafe and have a coffee or a drink. The ride from Terni to Todi, a beautiful trip through the country, takes 40 minutes. They don't announce the stops on the train; if you can't see the station signs from your window, ask the nice people around you to tell you when you reach Todi.


Arriving in Monte Castello by Car


The drive from the airport to Montecastello is easy and non-stressful, generally you can make the trip in 2 ½ hours:

Exit airport to ROMA: this puts you on a straight road (A7) into the city.

Exit A7 for FIRENZE: this puts you on the G.R.A., a circle around Rome.

At the top of the circle, bear right for the exit for FIRENZE, and head north onto A1, the Autostrada. Take a ticket at the tollbooth.

After about 40 minutes, exit for ORTE. Pay the toll (€ 3,40 cash or credit card) and follow the sign for TERNI - PERUGIA. Stay on this road until the road divides: left for Terni, right for Perugia.

Exit right for PERUGIA - CESENA, onto E45, towards PERUGIA. After 30 minutes or so you'll see Todi up on the left.

toward Fratta Todina/Monte Castello V.

Go about 4 km. You'll see the sign for MONTE CASTELLO on the left. Turn here, and go up the hill. Benvenuti!

  When you reach the very top of the hill you will see a stone wall to your hard right and a probably blocked entrance into the historic center. Park along the wall to the right and call to let us know you have arrived.


From the north, take A1 towards Roma, exit at VALDICHIANA, follow signs for PERUGIA / TERNI / ROMA (E45), exit at Montecastello di V. and follow the signs up the hill to the village.



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