Field Trips

One of the most important activities at the International Studio School is looking at and experiencing great art. As much as we value the peace and tranquility of Monte Castello, we are equally committed to providing opportunities to experience of the more urbane side of Italy and to explore its great art centers in Rome and Florence.  Here, we make the history of Italian art accessible, using our central location in Italy to our advantage in making regular field trips to museums, churches and cities with some of the richest collections of visual art in the world.


Italy is rich in masterworks; many of them still in the sites for which they were intended. This gives us the advantage seeing them in relation to architecture, to the landscape and to other works of art.  Contextualized in this way, one can grasp deeper layers of meaning. Confronted with the full physical presence of works of art, one gains a whole new perspective.


Original sites make this possible to a greater degree than museum settings, although Central Italy has its share of great museums as well. On our field trips, faculty and students discuss works, consider their meaning, learn how they functioned, examine how


they were made and reflect on how they affect us today. Together, we draw in sketchbooks directly from works of art, analyzing forms and structures while also internalizing the essence of works that have continued to resonate through the centuries.  On the evening prior to each trip, there is a presentation on the location we visit, in which we discuss its highlights, provide information on schedules and work with students on designing individual itineraries to see the sites most important to them.


Generally, in each three-week summer session, we schedule a trip to Rome, and a trip to Florence.  Additionally, we schedule one trip for every three week session to an alternate site in Umbria, Lazio, or Tuscany. These include: Sienna, Arezzo/Sansopulcro/Monterchi, Deruta/Assisi/Perugia, and Orvieto.


Field trips at the International Center for the Arts occur on Fridays.  The destinations for Friday trips are always scheduled in advance, in coordination with faculty and course schedules.  For an overview of the specific trip schedule for each term, please refer to the Calendar of this website.

For groups or individuals who are interested in destinations not on the Friday schedule, additional trips can be arranged. We invite invite inquiries for supplemental travel itineraries.  Contact us by email for details and see our Custom Itinerary page.


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