Studios and Workspaces

Studio workspace can exert a profound influence on one’s work. With this in mind, we take great care in providing a diverse range of artist’s studios as well as workspaces for writers and scholars. Our workspaces do not resemble standard loft or institutional workspaces; we do not seek to re-create a North American style artist’s space in Italy. Ranging from vast, converted ball rooms with faded ceiling paintings to intimate rustic kitchens where someone once used a fireplace to cook––here no two spaces are alike. Our studios are housed in centuries old buildings, rich in character and tailored to suit the needs of our participants.

Over the years these atmospheric spaces have themselves inspired works of art. The rarefied light, incredible views and sense of history these spaces evoke often lead the poetic imagination in new, rewarding directions.


In the recent re-organization of the programs in Monte Castello, we have sought to upgrade these spaces in terms of functionality, safety and security without sacrificing their character. Amenities such as lighting, ventilation, and storage have been improved, and we are proud of what we have achieved in striking a balance between these practical considerations and maintaining the sense of place these studios have always had.


We make every effort to match our participants with the best possible space for them. Though our Application Form, we ask important questions about your workspace needs: Do you prefer natural light, or do you prefer a controlled, artificial light source?  Would you prefer a studio with a panoramic view, or a cooler, atmospheric workspace? Would you prefer a fireplace or wall––worn rich with time––or would an open expanse that lets your imagination fill in the blanks suit you better?  Do you work best in the daytime, or in the midnight hours when rich yellow-orange light illuminates the medieval village?


Smaller details––like whether you work on a table, at an easel, or on a wall; if you are arriving with a group in need of classroom space, A/V equipment or portable outdoor studio tools––can all be addressed in the application form. We invite all participants to carefully consider their workspace needs and we will do our best to tailor your workspace to you.




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